Saturday, July 9, 2011

Now is not Then

Hmm... Haven't updated since March. What's new since March? Well, most notably, I have a new fledgling profession: Teaching Yoga. It suits me, but I'll elaborate on it more some other time.


I always have an idea about what summers are going to be like, and this idea never fits with the summer I actually have. I look back to past summers for reference and note: "Man, that summer I did a lot [BLANK]" And you can fill in the blank with things like wake-boarding, hiking in the mountains, playing volleyball, camping, barbecuing, biking, and so on and so forth. And then my next thought is: "Man I really wish I could do more [BLANK]." And you can fill in the blank with the same aforementioned list. The problem is time. I haven't done the arithmetic, but to do all the stuff I want I would need, like, 50-hour days, 16-day day weeks, and might as well make the summer endless too.

This lack of time is fine. It's fine, because time is time and it's not going to change for me, so it might as well be fine. The reality is that this summer I'm doing a lot of what I'm doing. I can't say what will emerge as the theme I look back on, but I know it'll be a nostalgic one, because despite having bouts of thoughts like these, I'm actually doing very well. I just have to get things like this off my chest from time to time. I wouldn't mind an endless summer, however.