Friday, January 15, 2010

How to cross a street in Saigon

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The streets here are always full. There are some traffic lights, but they seem to only slightly phase the flow of cars and motorbikes, which means that if you want to cross the street, you can't wait for a break in traffic, you just have to go. If all the drivers are paying attention (which they are) then they avoid hitting you as much as you avoid being hit by them. If you understand this, then crossing a street is quite simple: you just walk across. As long as you keep your path and pace consistent, then oncoming traffic flows like a stream around you. You have to put your trust in the hundreds of oncoming drivers--fear and reflexes can only make you act unpredictably. I actually think that if you were to close your eyes and walk straight across, you'd be fine 9 times out of 10.


  1. Oh yay! More video please...I just watched this three times in a row!

  2. Exactly my experience. It's all right brain -- makes no sense. Pity about the tenth time though...
    I agree with B&B, more footage of that fabulous guy; what's his name?