Tuesday, June 8, 2010

The Sun and the Moon

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The sun is underrated. When we hear about health benefits from the sun, we hear how our skin converts UVB into Vitamin D. That's about it. Otherwise, the sun is often demonized for the same UV light which can cause cancer. They're both testable, quantifiable, true facts. I'm not worried about rickets, and I don't want cancer, but I think there are other things at play in our bodies when we're out in the sun. Take the moon, for example. Police report more crime during full moons, and If women spend enough time away from city lights, their menstrual cycles match up with the lunar cycles. If the moon can have such an affect on people's behavior and physiology, imagine what the sun can do--it's way more powerful! Just look at parks during the first sunny days of spring. Everyone isn't lying in the grass to satisfy their Vitamin D needs. They're doing it because it feels good, and who cares why?

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