Monday, September 28, 2009

Heading South

I'm back in Portland now, beginning my journey south to L.A. Seattle treated me well--or rather I should say the people in Seattle treated me well. Sarah and Dagny provided me with places to stay, things to eat, transportation, and good company. Both of their families live in the Seattle area, and I spent some time mixing in with both the Rothmans and the Ihnots.
It's nice returning to these Northwest cities. I've been to both Portland and Seattle a few times now, so when I come, I don't feel any obligation to sightsee or take the city in. Instead I can mosey around, doing whatever pleases me, feeling somewhat at home. My original intent on taking this 2 week Northwest trip was to look at this region with an eye for possible places to live. So what have I concluded: Though I like both cities, if I had to chose one to live in, I would be leaning toward Portland. The Puget Sound is a major draw to Seattle, but the city is otherwise sprawling and somewhat overwhelming. Portland has a similar feel to Seattle, but it seems smaller and more straightforward. I haven't come close to beginning to make moving plans, but that's just my most recent impression.

Alright, the morning is fleeting, and I have to be hitting the road. So long.

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