Thursday, July 1, 2010

Will to Produce

Lately I've been feeling this feeling. It's a vague but persistent feeling, and this is it: I feel like creating. I want to be making something, whether it be as simple as ideas or something more. My life is filled with duties and activities, but I feel like I have little output. The world can get along fine without whatever it is that I can produce, but I want to make it anyway--whatever "it" is. Since I don't have something to create, I get meta on this impulse and ask why do I feel like creating. It could be to help the world, but I don't think so. I think it's to change the world. We want to exert ourselves on our surroundings and make differences that we recognize as our own like drawings in wet cement. "TEAGUE WAS HERE." I think it's a silly impulse, but I don't know if I'm powerful enough to overcome it, so I'll have to find something to create just like all the other little egos bumping into each other on this planet.

Red winged blackbird up at my gramps's place

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