Friday, December 31, 2010

A literary Odyssey


I've begun my greatest literary undertaking. I'm reading Ulysses. It's often listed as one of or the greatest novel ever written. I wouldn't exactly consider it pleasure reading. It's more something I'm forcing myself to do. A resolution. A relic of college work ethic. Some unfinished English major duty. Whatever, I'm reading it. I tried once, but I cast it aside after 70 pages. I even sold my copy to a used bookstore to underscore my refusal to read it. But here I am, two years later, with renewed fervor to read the damn thing cover to cover.

I'm being thorough this time. I did my homework by reading Homer's The Odyssey first, which Ulysses roughly parallels. I also have a reader's guide, and an audiobook version, because I've heard that some chapters are better heard than read. I'm already on page 100 or so, and I definitely need all that help I can get. Some chapters are so dense with stream of thought and references that even the reader's guide is hard to read. I need a reader's guide for the reader's guide. I'll share my reaction when I eventually slay the beast.

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